Yellow Amber Bubble Stacking Ring

Yellow Amber Bubble Stacking Ring

This�dainty amber ring features a simple Yellow�Baltic Amber gemstone at the centre of a sterling silver band with bubble detail. A�minimalist�design for everyday wear.

A fine and dainty gemstone ring.�This minimal ring couples a popular sterling silver band with a small amber stone. Perfect for stacking, this ring is the timeless choice for everyday minimal style.

  • Product:�Bubble Stacking�Ring
  • Colour:�Citrus�Yellow
  • Materials: Baltic Amber & Sterling Silver
  • Ring Size: UK J - S

This ring can be worn on any finger. We love to wear it on our pointing and ring finger, horizontally stacked with other rings for ultimate modern-day style. Pair with a gold ring for a 'mixed metal' look. How will you wear yours?�

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